About Esprit Consortium

Esprit Consortium Pte Ltd was set up in September 2013 as a secondary division of our logistics and warehousing operations and our prime focus is on local distribution cum courier services.

We pride ourselves with our personalized services rendered by our tightly knit team lead by the Management team with more than 15 years of industry experience. We believe in dissecting the customer’s in depth needs and customise rates to their requisites. We do not beat around the bush and service each account with forthrightness.

We guarantee esteemed service level with honesty and integrity and our key focus is to treat all customers as an extension of our ‘family’. We recognise that customers are our most powerful assets and gather feedback with positivity.

Who we are

Our current clientele boasts Government Statutory Boards, established banks, renowned law firms,recognised educational institutions, retailing, manufacturing and foreign Companies.

Strategizing is a daily effort we put in to strengthen and improve our infrastructure and operations to enrich our service quality to the next level. We confidently execute minute and customised requirements, eg. supply chain solutions like inner picking for renowned retail names, to bulk transport for import or export freight, and home deliveries.

Our current fleet consists of bikes, vans and 24’ boxed lorry, to complement our shipping/freight forwarding services, air con and non-air con racked up warehouse facility located at Proxima@Gambas.

Providing Esteemed Service Level
with Honesty and Integrity.

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